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Lessons From Niccolo
leashed un 2019-11-28
    The following post is dedicated mostly to my teachers:
of languages, both classical and modern, both kicking sand
... otherwise who'd `roll their eyes, sinning in their urn
upon realizing the importance I place then and do now heap
upon their efforts, may their efforts outshine the stars?

During the past summer, I encountered another one of those perennial botherances: the friendcount. Despite my casual evasion attempt, my interlocutor graciously insisted upon an answer from the ranges of simple integers -- known to you, perhaps, as the "Natural Numbers", at the perennial behest of Dear ACK and Other Keepers of That Ineffable Flame -- tallied in any manner deemed appropriate, leaving algorithmic details to be disclosed at my later discretion. I answered that question honestly, although imprecisely, despite the everpresent temptation to properly discredit the question as meaningless.

        "You're answering so slowly,
         I can almost see a loading
               gif on your forehead."

I laughed, possibly allowing that little spinner to headshot its way down my nose, finally retorting:

"The trouble's not thinking of the people. That's easy. The trouble's doing the math. For example,"

At which point some variation on the olde Navy SEAL copypasta'd be appropriate, echoing from the source like Pink's wife's verse in Ezrin's ultima, since as I've frequently attested, the most conservable resource is thought to be thought to be thought!!

"Actually, this is how math is done. You know that sketch about those who merely 'like' science, staring at its ass while it sciences along, waiting for someone else to actually do the damn science? Well, this is how the mathematics getshishshelph done! Rote memorization of another's proofs, imperial as be their names may be, won't add not one single bit to entropy, not even one. Entropy, as you've likely too soon discovered, is only collected when recollecting an error."

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