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Yet another item of natural language has announced the beginning of its end.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, you could actually read such programs, in words almost simplified:

Last updated 7/2/2012

In order to use the Goodreads API, you agree to:

Not request any method more than once a second.
 Goodreads tracks all requests made by developers.

Clearly display the Goodreads name or logo on any
 location where Goodreads data appears.
 For instance if you are displaying Goodreads reviews,
  they should either be in a section clearly titled
   "Goodreads Reviews", or each review should say
   "Goodreads review from John: 4 of 5 stars..."

Link back to the page on Goodreads where the data data appears.
 For instance, if displaying a review, the name of the reviewer
 and a "more..." link at the end of the review must link back
  to the review detail page. You may not nofollow this link.

Not use the API to harvest or index Goodreads data
 without our explicit written consent.

You may store information obtained from the Goodreads API
 for up to 24 hours. Goodreads needs the ability to modify, remove,
  and update the order of our data, which caching would prevent.
 An exception to this rule is if the data is from your own account
  or the OAuth-authenticated users account, in which case the data
   may be stored permanently.

Not sublicense or redistribute Goodreads data to any 3rd parties.

Not modify or change Goodreads data, including reviews, in any way.
 Reviews may be truncated for display purposes, but must link
  to the full review on Goodreads.

Obtain each user's explicit consent before adding, removing
 or otherwise changing book reviews or other data on their behalf
 - usually in the form of clicking a button or checking a box.
 A user authenticating with your application does not constitute consent.

Not use the Goodreads data as part of a commercial product without
 our explicit written consent. If you would like to include Goodreads
  data in a commercial product, please contact us.

Not name your application "Goodreads". Do not use "Goodreads"
 in your applications name. You may use the Goodreads logo
  to acknowledge your apps association with Goodreads,
   but not as the main logo for or within your app.

Acknowledge that your developer account can be suspended
 for any infraction of these terms.

Acknowledge that these terms may be updated or amended
 at any time without prior notice, and that your continued
 use of the API constitutes your acceptance of the new terms.

Why do hash functions exist, anyway?

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