Freefall-lphlogiston Through Hilbert's Hotel

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Prev leashed un 2021-07-13 AM

originally dreamt within 2021-01-25 \pm one week
reconstructed at least three days later

did not awake from multiple impacts, arguably due to
bracing self as described at end of Angels&Demons

setting: endless construction site of hotel, open at
ground floor, excavations below and babylon above

fell from construction floors, where state
indistinguishable from artwork gallery,
accidentally into billionaire voyeurist corridor
surrounding executive conference chamber;
absailed to lobby, walked to dining hall for meal
where encountered three from TAU; interrupted
their table, dragged by their race to street,
where occurs unpaved sand hell nightmare awakening.

The nightmare's closing details are recalled easily, despite the weeks elapsed, both sober and otherwise, and the deliberate omission of their precise description at the time. Instead of boring you with the horrors, let's pretend that you wanted guidance in finding more pleasant and interesting reading material; provided that one of the students had a copy of a properly detailed physics textbook, I'd recommend that one chapter I can never seem to find on time, although I always know exactly where it should be: right between the ones about applied thermodynamics of compressible fluids, and spectroscopy.

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